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Re: java applet problem

> See http://developer.netscape.com/docs/manuals/java.html
> Especially the section on 'Object Signing and Java'.

Thank You Thaths for this useful link! I got a lot of relevant info, and
i hope i'll be able to solve the problem.

> Is the applet being run off of a server (ie. a http URL)?  If the applet
> were running from the user's local disk through a file:// URL then the
> security restriction of being able to connect only back to the server that
> sent the .class files does not apply.

As long as we're using "appletviewer", it doesn't matter...
But this doesn't seem to hold true when using a browser(i used

"Netscape's engineers have found it useful to modify the security
behavior of Communicator in several ways. "

It gives:
netscape.security.AppletSecurityException: security.Couldn't connect to
'' with origin from ''.

Unfortunately, javakey is not supported by netscape, and getting a
certificate for digitally signing my applet costs $200

oh, well! :)


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