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java applet problem

Dear listmates,

I have a java problem and hope you can give me an answer.

Java applets have the restriction that they can only connect to the host
from which they were loaded.

I want to overcome that restriction.

#1) I want my applet to connect to some other host, using the browser
itself(both netscape and IE)

#2) I dont want to use appletviewer / java application (I dont want to
force the users to download jdk/jre just to run my applet)

#3) In case of (Netscape/IE)browsers, is there some place where I can
put a java.policy file  which gives my applet additional permisiions ?

(HotJava browser permits signed applets and presents the user with a
dialog box, asking for additional permissions for the applet, but I dont
think this is the case with netscape/IE.) 

If you can give any positive hints, it'll be great!


PS: Please assume that it IS possible for me to write java.policy file 
on the client, if it can help.

And yes, I know this is a Linux-programmers mailing list :) I'm asking
this here 'coz I think a lot of smart people are here!


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