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Re: driver help

On Fri, Mar 24, 2000 at 09:29:09AM -0800, Nick Hill wrote:
> > Because Linux doesn't have a DDK. And not for a
> > technical reason.
> > Read all my past flames on LIG on the topic.
> There IS a commercial DDK for Linux. I think its
> called Windriver or sumthin' on thoz lines. U can,
> thru a GUI, pick u're device's parameters, and then
> the wizard will write the code for u (a la glade), and
> then u can use the SAME code on linux and doze. I
> think it uses some runtime linking lib to do the dirty
> work for u. I dont advice anyone to go buy it, but
> just fer countering sake... ;-)

And which version of Linux does it work with ? Does Linux
guarantee that the DDI will work on Linux 3.0 ?

Where is the man page for kmem_alloc ?