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"Satheesh Kumar. N.K" wrote:
> This is where exactly even I started just 2 yrs back.
> First step would be to read thro' UNIX N/w Programming book
> by Richard Stevens. Networking fundamentals, OS fundamentals
> and Device Driver writing all will help. UNIX OS design by
> Maurice J Bach is good. Also there's some book called 'Magic
> Garden'(I don't know more details on this). There's a book
> by Alessandro Rubini on Device Driver writing.

magic garden by goodheart & cox (not alan cox) deals with svr4.
but it's more like source code with comments thrown in. so i
wouldn't recommend it, but it's a good book. after all u can
read the linux sources anyway to know what's going on. i prefer
uresh vahalia's "unix internals, the new frontiers" which deals
with both svr4 and 4.4bsd and some other unices. it compares the
various unices against each other, wrt to design decisions, etc.

rubini's book is a bit 'outdated'. we r in kernel v2.3 right now
whereas rubini deals with linux kernels 1.x.x and just touches
kernel 2.x. he's talking abt. writing a new edition, but there's no
definite schedule as to when he'll bring it out.

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