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Re: HTTP tunnel (3)

Study the entire source code of squid and modify it to acheive this...don't you
think writing a small 200 lines of code would be better..

Can anyone explain whay ppl you ppl are bent on to making me use the kernel
features...I agree they are right there so I should use them but configuring
it fir my use would be tougher than writing 200 lines of code...

Can anyone please explain in detail what GREAT benefints will I get by using
the kernel level filtering except that I would not have do it on my own, especially
please consider my case where I have to SEE the data for keywords on the sockets
and allow/deny it.


>i don't think that squid does packet level filtering... but u can consider

>studying the code used to implement the port forwarding feature in the linux

>kernel!!! u might be able to modify that to get this thing working!!!
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