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Re: HTTP tunnel (3)

>with ipmasq u can only do port forwarding.. and anyway if u want to filter

>out requests, then u can always try squid, which has a nice set of access
>control features that u can use!!


Ok now let me be a little more clearer with what I want to do.  I am working
on an application that monitors the data from your intranet to the Internet.
 This application also checks the words in the HTML being transmitted and allow/deny
it.  It shall provide a full graphical interface for the same.  

Now, using squid would be cool, but I doubt if it provides filtering of HTML
data based on the contents of that page.  

Can squid do that ?
Besides, even if it does, squid being a single process application would become
a bottleneck.  I plan to implement the same using multi process/threads.