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   In reponse to your query:
When copying data from kernel to user space
or vice versa pointer and other such mechanisms
wont work becauss the address space itself is

I suggest you take a look at the following:

a) Header file <asm/segment.h>
b) memcpy_fromfs(...)
c) memcpy_tofs(...)


     Deepak Chandrashekar
     Integra Microsystems

-- Original Message --

>    I am learning LKMs.  To access the user space
>functions from kernel space, I tried to use get_ds().
>I got an error "undeclared variable".
>I included the file "uaccess.h".  I got a lot of
>from uaccess.h itself.
>I included following files in the same order:
>module.h, kernel.h, segment.h, uaccess.h, types.h,
> Why am i getting the errors? How to solve this?
> Please help
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