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Hello Buddy Hacker,
It's not clear how you are compiling the module. The errors that you got from
uaccess.h itself are due to some compilation problems only. If you are trying
to compile as a module you have to define some tags like __KERNEL or MODULE etc.
A more detailed mail may be helpful to us.

 On Sat, 26 Aug 2000, Gayathri Krishnan wrote:
> Hi,
>     I am learning LKMs.  To access the user space
> functions from kernel space, I tried to use get_ds().
> I got an error "undeclared variable".
> I included the file "uaccess.h".  I got a lot of
> errors
> from uaccess.h itself.
> I included following files in the same order:
> module.h, kernel.h, segment.h, uaccess.h, types.h,
> fcntl.h
>  Why am i getting the errors? How to solve this?
>  Please help
> Gayathri 

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