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Re: Postgres passwords...


so you just want have postgres password...
simple..go to userconf and set a password for postgres..
of simply  passwd postgres ..

then login as postgres user with that password and 'create user' ... let root
or any other be the user and then work with it....


>How do I enable passwords for postgresql? I tried changing the 
>pg_hba.conf, with the USERAUTH set to "password". Once I do it, it asks me
>for password when I try running psql from $ prompt. But where do I set the
>I tried logging in as postgres (the db admin), and updating pg_shadow
>table, like this
>update pg_shadow set password='' where usename='';
>but after changing pg_hba.conf for password authentication, I can't use
>the  as password for .. What is going wrong??
>I tried looking at postgres admin/user/programmar guides. But could not
>find anything useful...
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