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Re: PHP3 and multiple select...


A multiple tag is defined as "<select name="variable_name[]" size="4"
multiple>" in the HTML.
The multiple selected values can be accessed by "<? print $variable_name[0];
?>"  where 0 is the index of the value you want to retrive.


> Hi,
> This may be a dumb question, but I was not able to find the answer in the
> php3 documentation. Anyway here it is,
> How do I know what selection user has made in an HTML form having a
> "select multiple"?? I mean normal entries in a form get defined with the
> same $name in php3 on the server once the form is submitted. What happens
> in case of a "select multiple" and the user selecting multiple values??
> Does PHP3 see it as
> $name=value1,value2
> i.e. comma separated list of values??
> TIA,
> Kedar.
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