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Announce - The GNOME Messaging System

Hi. I just uploaded some lil' creation of mine up onto sourceforge. Its basically
a IM system. The server is in C, using completely portable code. BSD socks et al.
I wrote a client for it on GNOME/GTK+ using glade. The protocol is _extremely_
lightweight. I know a lot the community banks on text protocols, but i preferred
a binary protocol for speed. The server handles user auth/notification/messaging,
and offline messaging. Most of the functionality lies in the client. There are
a lot of dead locks in the my client code. I have exams till next month, so I
thought someone may like to hack on it meanwhile. There is _no_ documentation
with it. no tarballs, no installation scripts. I've only put it on CVS. If u've
never heard of CVS, or dunno what to do with it, better stay away. ;P

there are 2 modules : 

server		-- this is the server code
gnomemsg	-- GNOME/GTK+ client

CVS instructions:

$ export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/cvsroot/gnomemsg
$ cvs login
<press enter for the passwd - no passwd)
$ cvs -z9 co server
$ cvs -z9 co gnomemsg

read server/INSTALL for further instructions.

i haven't put up anything on http://gnomemsg.sourceforge.net, all that's fer later.
If some _really_ kind soul wants to help me out getting some HTML done, i'll be
honoured! ;>

Any questions, advices, hate mail, bugs, patches, features needed/coded, NO_spam
- drop them in muh mail buxa.