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Re: Linux in India [was 'Members']

On Thu, 15 Mar 2001, Shimon Cocay Constante wrote:

> thank you for your thorough answer. What versions/ distributions do
> people mostly use? What version do you think is most popular in India?

Dangerous question - distro-wars are a favourite passtime on this list.

If you are used to the distro scenario in the USA, you will not find it
much different here - including comments like "RedHat is the Microsoft of
the Linux world" ;-)

RedHat is commonly found at corporate level, followed by Suse and Caldera.
TurboLinux has started making some inroads as well. Mandrake, Debian and
Slackware are also quite popular.

> Definitely there is a lot of movement in the IT and Linux in India.I am
> sure you guys feel it especially in Bangalore, that's the place I hear
> of the most.

Nahh, Linux is well spread all over the country. Us Bangalorians tend to
be louder than others, which is why you hear so much from us, but in terms
of Linux acceptance, you'll find things very similar all over the country.
Check out the mailing lists of linux-delhi, ilug-calcutta, ilug-mumbai,
ilug-goa, etc. - filled with happy TuxHeads ;-)

> Thanks... well I will be glad if you give me some feedback after you use
> our product...

As soon as it works with RHL 7 or later! ;-)


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