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Re: Good & Evil of Localization

--- Ruchir Tewari <ruchir_tewari@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >      The fun part i noticed is that there is an
> >argument that, there is more usage of computers in
> >china because of chinese localization. I guess this
> is
> >part of the reason. But the primary reason is that,
> >they could afford the machines, they have extremely
> >good infrastructure to support the usage of
> computer,
> >which sadly india lags.
> ^^^^^^
> the cost of a linux box is as low as $250 or less
> than
> Rs12,000, which is easily within reach of the indian
> public,
> if they buy in large enough numbers. 

is there any company activly promoting a PC bundled
with Linux for this price??.. could you give me


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