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Re: Modem Dlink/GVC

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, O.P.Sharma (INDIA) wrote:

> I using Dlink 33.6 and GVC modem on RHL 6.2
> but not able to dial. When I dial it say busy for every no.


Full slide show at


> Where I have to define Tone/Pulse Dialing like in Windows.

Add a T or P to before the number (e.g. T172226) to be abs sure, but there
is a dialler string in kppp.

> Is there any initailize string ?

in kppp, go to settings/modem strings.

You might want to use wvdial.

BTW - technical questions should be asked on linux-india-help - you'll get
better and more detailed response there.


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