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[OT] Re: Atul - Read This!

On Wed, Mar 08, 2000 at 11:31:35PM -0500, Ashish wrote:
> well hi Mr. Atul,
> I am a new member on this list.
> Just happened to read your article in last year's PC Quest March magazine,
> and it was just for you, that I am here. Does not matter if we get about 100
> mails from LIG/LIH but if people like you are here on this list, I must say
> that I am in temple of LINUX with Atul Chitnis as our God.
> Ashish Grover,
> 6th Sem. Comp. Sc.
> P.E.C.
> Chandigarh

We in exocore also consider Atul to be a God. Just like Saraswati is the God of
Knowledge, Atul is the God of Gluttony (specifically of Pizzas).

Everything else -- he's almost semi-human.

* starts looking for a place to hide *

Bye, bye list -- it was nice knowing you.


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