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Re: Query about invoice printing systems...


I have developed a smaller version of an accounting software around a year
ago. Never got much response, so never continued further since then. Have
always been developing s/w on linux as well as Windoze. I have mostly been
developing/using Linux as a web-server and integrating small-medium-large
legacy application developed in FoxPro/Clipper/etc. (using DBF's) with Web.
Must thank to Mr Chitnis (I did I guess, Artul?) as it was his article way
back in PCQ wher I picked up F/Ship and never looked back. My current s/w
allows a corporate to continue using the same database with DOS machines
(using Clipper on them), the Bosses can use windows based application
sharing the same DBF's (using XB++ on Windows) and since the dataserver I
prefer is Linux, rest of the people can use the browser (the server side is
controlled by F/Ship based application). I mange to keep my clients happy

Would surely go back to upgrading the s/w, if financial managers in India
have started using Linux as Desktop rather then just a Server. (No flames

Coral Soff'wares Limited.
Mumbai and Calcutta
www.coral.co.in/aceweb Make your ACE data accessible from net, with just one
single Click.

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>This is a general query from another mailing list. Wonder if Linux has
>some solution on this front... Interesting to know what applications
>people are looking out for... FN
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>1. re: Invoice Printing Systems
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>Dear Suresh,
>> Are there any members in the list who can
>> suggest/recommend any software
>> used for Invoicing in a manufacturing set up .
>See Coral Software's Ace at http://coralindia.com - this is a =
>comprehensive accounting solutions with strong support for =
>invoicing in a manufacturing setup.
>Niel Hirjee
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