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Re: Hindi and Software . FYI

FYI, the link is - http://www.elitexindia.com/ncst.asp
the descriptions on Vartalaap and Linux localisation from NSCT
are below.
There is a parallel effort for linux localisation
by www.indlinux.org (same folks that released shusha of bharatbhasha.org). Some standardisation between the different efforts
may be useful.  CDAC had released the ISCII standard a long time back,
on the lines of ASCII. I don't think either of the different
linux indianisation are following the ISCII standard (shusha is phonetic, so perhaps ISCII is not suited ?). Although both are in an early stage (?), some standardisation will soon be needed for interoperability and information exchange to occur smoothly.
- Ruchir

ps. more on the linux-india-general discussion on linux and hindi
can be found at


Varthalaap is a multilingual Internet Relay chat application, which is based on client server technology. A user can communicate in multiple languages like Marathi, Tamil, Konkani, and Sanskrit etc. and even in any foreign languages like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean etc. It provides the facilities to hot meetings and conference through a very interactive and useful graphical user interface. It also supports archiving and replaying of the discussions; sending files across the network in an isolated manner as well as an attachment, direct client-to-client communication bypassing the server and load balancing across a network of servers. Vartalaap provides the framework which can be extended to support other applications such as virtual classrooms, knowledge management tools, call centres, customer relation management systems etc. The first phase of the project namely development of the chat client and chat server software has been completed.

Linux Localization

After successfully collaborating with Microsoft, USA in incorporating Indian languages at the kernet level in Windows 2000 TM, NCST has initiated efforts in providing similar capabilities in Linux to deal with Indian Lanuages. the basic majority of applications can be easily localized. For this the project proposal submitted to Technology Development of INDIA Languages (TDIL) has been approved. The project will start in April- May 2000 and it is expected that by May 2001, a version of Linux that has Indian script handling functionally in the X- Server lovel will be released in the open domail.
( Funding by: Ministry of IT)

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As Ruchir and Suresh told, I will love to explain you all the things and
technology involved to Localize Linux for Indian Platform, but I can assure
you that this is the version which you are going to love about. Right now
you can go and checkout www.elitexindia.com for the details. There is a very
short description about the Project, just search the Technology Display and
searh for Localized Linux and Vartalaap.

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