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Re: Hindi and Software

none of these are surprising, because computer penetration in indian languages is so low. delaying the localisation would make the problem worse instead of solving it.

never heard of epatra, but rediffmail seems to be doing ok.

hope we have a linux-hindi-howto by the end of the year.

cheers, - ruchir

i don't think the companies such as epatra and others are doing too well. typing in hindi would be a tough one. most people can read hindi and might like to see output in hindi, but typing still might be a tough one. tech magazines in hindi (I think Chip has one such mag) aren't doing too good IMHO.

A mapping such as the one that www.epatra.com uses is decent enough. and yes as Ajay said, the english penetration is really appreciable in india. only the govt needs to support the effort.
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