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Hindi and Software

hi all,
	I was wondering if writing software to allow people use it in
hindi would be worth the effort. I mean software which interacts with
users in hindi.

	What I feel is:
a) Everyone who owns a computer does know english.
b) English is one of the most spoken and understood language
   in India by city dwellers unlike countries in Europe and Japan.
c) A user may find it more difficult to use a hindi keyboard (as
   if they were available)
d) Porting a complete OS like linux to use hindi may take it off the
   mainstream. All the softwares need to be rewritten and all the 
   documentation etc, as well as a need for a programming language.
e) Porting a shell like bash to interact/take commands in hindi will again
   put us in a cocoon.
f) Would anyone already using the OS/shell in english like to switch over
   to hindi given that development takes place only slowly and there will
   be many problems with it in the starting. And without many users the 
   development can't follow the OSS way.

	However I feel it may be good to use hindi in some applications
like email etc.

	Looking for your comments.

	Bye and Enjoy Life...

#!!!	If anything can go wrong, _FIX_ it. (To hell with MURPHY)
						Ajay kumar Dwivedi