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Re: Atul - Read This!

Ditto here !!!
                   I started using Linux way back in 96 only because of Mr.
Atul Chitnis' Linux articles. And since then, there has been no turning back
! People often remark me as a Linux freak, but I know who's responsible :)
    And guess what I dream of ---- To invite him to my university to give a
presentation on Linux to the entire junta and give me a personal autograph
!!!! If you read this Sir, please do think about it. Arrangements will never
be a problem and I guarantee good care and hospitality ! But please, I want
to see you before I scram to the States .

Your disciple,
Saurabh Garg
B.Tech Final Year(Sem.)

> well hi Mr. Atul,
> I am a new member on this list.
> Just happened to read your article in last year's PC Quest March magazine,
> and it was just for you, that I am here. Does not matter if we get about
> mails from LIG/LIH but if people like you are here on this list, I must
> that I am in temple of LINUX with Atul Chitnis as our God.
> Ashish Grover,
> 6th Sem. Comp. Sc.
> P.E.C.
> Chandigarh