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Re: A Suggestion

Let's have more LUGs where-ever needed. One way to avoid conflict is to
perhaps to have non-geographic names for the groups. 
For instance, friends at Hyderabad have one group called LBUG. I was
told this stands for, interestingly, "LBUG is Best User
Group". Fascinating! It leaves space for many more user groups to come up,
without anyone claiming to be more official than the others.
We at Goa founded the ILUG-Goa, based in Panjim, and it meets on the
fourth Saturday of each month. Infact, as an aside, we intended to called
it GLUG -- a good joke perhaps! But, in deference to the suggestions made
by others on this list, we called it ILUG-Goa. 
We are small  -- as of now -- and absolutely lack numbers required to
indulge in infighting. But, even before that happens, as a
founder-member myself, I'd persoanlly be more than happy to have LUGs set
up at Engineering College-Farmaguddi, PCE College at Verna, Margao in
South Goa and whereever else people would like to have their own
activities. Goa, despite being a small 3700-sq-km state, suffers from
transportation problems. I guess, in the interest of growth, we would
welcome more LUGs being formed. Our members might even be open to being
downsized to being the  Panjim Linux Users' Group, if the others wish it
Needless to say, we are proud of our links with the nationwide Linux
campaign, and have found it very beneficial to be part of a wider
networked movement. We've gained from the help given to us by people at
Linux-India. But let's keep the possibility for growth open. -FN
PS: Kindly don't send me any flames, as I am not keen to debate this issue
too much... but am just making a point.