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Re: RE : IITK Linux mirror

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From: "Saurabh Garg" <saurabhgarg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

>         I am not against mirrors, but THIS aint no way to propagate Linux
> premature India. And you can keep this statement in your records. Arre,

Linux in India is definitely maturing. I wish you too do.

Do something for the people around you rather than seeing every sensible
mail as a description of "someone's butt" !

Why don't you think of some marketing that might fund the distros for the
"local common man" in and around your streets ?

you might think this of as dogmatic, but makes sense after you've had a cool
making linux advocay a bit commercial isn't bad as condeming someone whose
doing something as sexy as setting up a mirror.
your detest for Ajay  shudn't mean that a local linux miror is a crap, foo?

You don't get all that you (or your "local common man") might want in the
cds that come with mags.
you *do* need a place to download them from.

somebody noble around you is putting a local mirror, i fail to understand
you what makes you oppose it, just because Ajay won't join your lug ???

> I have strong faith in
> the capabilities of listers like Hon. Raju Mathur, Atul Chitnis, Suresh,
> Atul et al.

Quite a strong faith, but mentioning the same person twice won't make it any
stronger and help your "local common man"

Now for the base point. I never found Ruchir's mail on the list. You just
seem to have a passion for writing mails about YOU and YOU and YOU.

Do you fill in the "your company" field : I me and myself ???

And for God's sake please stop sending mails to the members of
lug-northindia. Don't blame if you're finally given what you deserve.

r /\ |-| |_| |_
First, they ignore you.
Then they laugh at you.
Then they fight you.
Then you win -- MG

The Northern Linux lug-northindia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2001 12:26 AM
Subject: Re: RE : [LIG] IITK Linux mirror

> >From  <ruchir_tewari@xxxxxxxxxxx> THE LINUX GEEK WHO LOVES MICRO$OFT
> Dear Ruchir,
>                    Your post was so venomised that I cant find useful
> snippets ! As for your IITK love, go ahead no one stops you. But please as
> gesture of netiquette, dont discuss your butt and all the crap in this
> list. You can mail me personally for that. This list is for discussing
> and helping the movement, rather than trying to prove that you're the only
> *non-radical* and active member around.
> step outside from wherever you are into the streets and with the common
> who doesnt have 24 hour net connectivity as the nerds at IITs do. For him,
> the easiest source of *kaamChalayu* Linux distro is the local news vendor.
> Also, our aim @ Linux India is to take Linux to the masses, as You have
> already mentioned in your futurustic and San Antonio oriented mails. Teach
> them first, and then show them how to compile the kernel. I indeed seem
> energetic, but this is typical of guys who try to achieve more with lesser
> resources. What I am doing, and what we have done is through our personal
> resources. And yes, this aint no political pledge as you believe it to be.
> We speak loudly because we act bravely. I have been personally coaching
> interested students and professionals about Linux. HAVE YOU BEEN ????
>         I spend my evenings with youngsters. Does the mirror help in
> increasing Linux user base in any way ???? I know how the IITs function.
> say you've got a big Linux project. The Min. of IT gives you a crore
> The result : the same (or lesser) that is achieved by resourceless people.
> This aint no IIT Bashing, but please try to see reason into others as you
> see into you. Just mail me about how your mirror would help the Windows
> switch to Linux, and I quit this list.
>         In fact, your blind advocacy shows misdirected zeal and energy.
> to see reason. The people of UP, if like me, are in the majority, and thus
> you gotta think their way. They cant shed their laziness for this new
> aircraft called Linux. This is what the Open Source Movement aims for. The
> problem is that Indians go overboard and instantly compare themselves with
> the best, like there was comparison of Bangalore with Silicon Valley last
> fortnight in BW. Arre bhai, the conditions in US are far different than
> those in India. Do you think even the kind of research taking place in 3rd
> grade US universities exists in any of our IITs??? People compare Indian
> telecom with the US. Look at their rates and ours. India is still to
> develop. And I just cant get enough energy out in stressing that. Ask the
> 90% of the top IT professionals not from RECs, and they'll tell you the
> reality.
> >>        which is as good as having  a mirror in the US, which is as
> >>good as not having a mirror, which is as good as not having a server,
> >>which is as good as not having linux at all, which is as good as not
> having
> >>the internet at all ... brilliant thinking.
> ---------->      Sorry couldnt get you at all. Do you mean that mirror =
> Internet ?????
> And by the way, that link issue was not for linux-india. and the matter
> been discussed with Atul. It wasnt any of ours fault. I have strong faith
> the capabilities of listers like Hon. Raju Mathur, Atul Chitnis, Suresh,
> Atul et al. They are the best folk with the best brains and the most
> minds. Sit in any of their talks and you'll know.
>     See Ruchir, I may be wrong, but please dont  misunderstand me. Instead
> of bashing each other publicly, we may as well collaborate and think
> together to give others the same joy that we experience on our Linux
> This mirror issue is just a part. If you think that no-one should suggest,
> then why post it here??? And then, why talk carelessly, and in a loose
> language ??
>         I support the Mirror, but I think that it wont be a great
> achievement for the Linux movement in India. PERIOD.
> Sincerely,
> Saurabh Garg
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