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Re: RE : IITK Linux mirror


i did'nt post it to the list. you did.
i sent a private mail, which you made public.
so who needs to be reading about netiquette ?

no venom was or is intended. just pointing out
how you're tripping over yourself.

- ruchir

From: "Saurabh Garg" <saurabhgarg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Reply-To: linux-india-general@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: <linux-india-general@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: RE : [LIG] IITK Linux mirror

From  <ruchir_tewari@xxxxxxxxxxx> THE LINUX GEEK WHO LOVES MICRO$OFT

Dear Ruchir,
                   Your post was so venomised that I cant find useful
snippets ! As for your IITK love, go ahead no one stops you. But please as a gesture of netiquette, dont discuss your butt and all the crap in this Linux list. You can mail me personally for that. This list is for discussing Linux
and helping the movement, rather than trying to prove that you're the only
*non-radical* and active member around.
I am not against mirrors, but THIS aint no way to propagate Linux in premature India. And you can keep this statement in your records. Arre, just step outside from wherever you are into the streets and with the common man,
who doesnt have 24 hour net connectivity as the nerds at IITs do. For him,
the easiest source of *kaamChalayu* Linux distro is the local news vendor.
Also, our aim @ Linux India is to take Linux to the masses, as You have
already mentioned in your futurustic and San Antonio oriented mails. Teach
them first, and then show them how to compile the kernel. I indeed seem
energetic, but this is typical of guys who try to achieve more with lesser
resources. What I am doing, and what we have done is through our personal
resources. And yes, this aint no political pledge as you believe it to be.
We speak loudly because we act bravely. I have been personally coaching
interested students and professionals about Linux. HAVE YOU BEEN ????
        I spend my evenings with youngsters. Does the mirror help in
increasing Linux user base in any way ???? I know how the IITs function. You say you've got a big Linux project. The Min. of IT gives you a crore rupees.
The result : the same (or lesser) that is achieved by resourceless people.
This aint no IIT Bashing, but please try to see reason into others as you
see into you. Just mail me about how your mirror would help the Windows user
switch to Linux, and I quit this list.
In fact, your blind advocacy shows misdirected zeal and energy. Try
to see reason. The people of UP, if like me, are in the majority, and thus
you gotta think their way. They cant shed their laziness for this new
aircraft called Linux. This is what the Open Source Movement aims for. The
problem is that Indians go overboard and instantly compare themselves with
the best, like there was comparison of Bangalore with Silicon Valley last
fortnight in BW. Arre bhai, the conditions in US are far different than
those in India. Do you think even the kind of research taking place in 3rd
grade US universities exists in any of our IITs??? People compare Indian
telecom with the US. Look at their rates and ours. India is still to
develop. And I just cant get enough energy out in stressing that. Ask the
90% of the top IT professionals not from RECs, and they'll tell you the

>>        which is as good as having  a mirror in the US, which is as
>>good as not having a mirror, which is as good as not having a server,
>>which is as good as not having linux at all, which is as good as not
>>the internet at all ... brilliant thinking.
---------->      Sorry couldnt get you at all. Do you mean that mirror =
Internet ?????

And by the way, that link issue was not for linux-india. and the matter has
been discussed with Atul. It wasnt any of ours fault. I have strong faith in
the capabilities of listers like Hon. Raju Mathur, Atul Chitnis, Suresh,
Atul et al. They are the best folk with the best brains and the most capable
minds. Sit in any of their talks and you'll know.

    See Ruchir, I may be wrong, but please dont  misunderstand me. Instead
of bashing each other publicly, we may as well collaborate and think
together to give others the same joy that we experience on our Linux boxes.
This mirror issue is just a part. If you think that no-one should suggest,
then why post it here??? And then, why talk carelessly, and in a loose
language ??
        I support the Mirror, but I think that it wont be a great
achievement for the Linux movement in India. PERIOD.

Saurabh Garg
< http://www.geocities.com/ietk_csjmu/sgarg.htm >

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