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Re: Re: IITK Linux mirror

Dwivedi Ajay kumar [Thu, Mar 08, 2001 at 07:20:10AM +0530]: 

> 	Well Almost ;-) . After that long flamewar on mirrors in
> india Ruchir mailed me regarding this, and I thought it would be good if
> we could have one. 

Oh good.  Nice to see that the entire flamewar _did_ have some good effect (at
least three or four people - all with access to some nice bandwidth - have
agreed to set up mirrors).

> 	He had also suggested setting up the LUGK and host its website on
> IITK webpage, which I decided against after coming to know that you have
> already setup a LUG @ kanpur.
 Nice that way :)

> 	I agree. But does anyone else have a better bandwidth around? I
> think we have gone into mirror business too much earlier. Maybe we would
> only mirror small bandwidth things like LDP, RFC and part of kernel

First start with LDP etc (and the kernels perhaps - stick to the current kernel
in the 2.2.x and 2.4.x series instead of carrying random.kernel.version-test*
or whatever.

> 	Most of us are from far off places, with no friends in city. If
> you expect us to go around asking people to switch over to linux, I would

You do have a point ...

> 	We are not saying that we are going to do the most proper thing by
> setting up the mirror. We are just doing one thing.
 Well said

> > I have been personally coaching interested students and professionals
> > about Linux. HAVE YOU BEEN ????
> 	I think this issue is being raised again and again on this
> list. I don't understand why people want to know how much someone is doing
> for linux in India. 

It only leads to a "mine is bigger than yours" contest.  Nothing else.
Saying that "past achievements" make me beyond criticism and always right,
or that "you have to have done something significant for linux before
criticizing me" is laughable :)

> 	What is wrong if I contribute to linux or other opensource
> software instead of preaching linux to the common Indian. This is what
> most of us interested in computers at IITK want to do.

Then do it boss - set up a project on sourceforge (or even emulate sourceforge
locally).  Release some GPL'd code.

> 	So list please do not try to judge someone's contribution by how much
> linux preaching he is doing / has done.
 ... or by how much *anything* he has done / is doing.

> 	Yes, LUG Kanpur is welcome for this. We even have the RH7.1 Beta
> available :).

Badly broken :P try mandrake 8.0 beta - a friend downloaded it stateside - he
says it rocks (and has a 2.4.x kernel as well)

> Bandwidth isn't that big a problem for us anymore. The
> problem is we students don't have CD writers in their boxes. I almost

there shd be one or two of 'em around someplace ...


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