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Re: IITK Linux mirror

On 7 Mar 2001, at 12:17, Dwivedi Ajay kumar wrote:

> 1. Should it be on http or ftp? 

http is nice:)

> 2. What all should we mirror? 
>  We can't start with mirroring everything. I have plans for RH,
> Mandrake, kernel. Need suggestions regarding the others. Also Suggest
> the approx amount of Diskspace needed for this.

You could start out with keeping only ISOs of distributions instead 
of mirroring the whole archives. as you have not mentioned anything 
about mirroring rpmfind.net, i assume you are talking about mirroring 
ISOs. Yes, only the kernel tree needs to be uptodate. You could just 
mirror the current stable/testing/people directories.

> the max bandwidth so that the users in IITK are not affected.
> Bandwidth issue is one of the main concerns here.

Maybe controlled bandwidth at daytime and allow access at 
night..maybe a maximum of 20 simultaneous connections during daytime 
and 50+ at night...

> 5. Would it be really easy and fast for people to download from iitk
> mirror rather than downloading from US?

I don't know about this, but sure would hope it does:)