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Re: Help on distributions

On Tue, Mar 06, 2001 at 08:53:26AM +0530, Gautham Ganapathy wrote:
> Which is the most customizable linux distribution suitable for programmers ? Till now, I have 
> only used RedHat.

Help!!!! Run for Cover!! Distro war starting!! ;-)

But seriously, I think distros are a matter of preferences: sort of like whether
you prefer your fresh lime soda sweetened, salted or both. They all quench your
thirst, but you may prefer the taste of one or the other.

In this age of cheap gigabyte HDDs I'd say that you try several distros and
settle with whichever suits you best.

But in answer to question: Debian and Slackware are generally categorised as
more tweakable than others.

<my 2c>
Frankly, I think tweakability on workstations is overrated. Too often it becomes
a distraction from *real* work.
</my 2c>


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