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Language filters please !! WAS >> RE: Re: Re: The LUGs in I ndia

Raghu and all othersm,
Please refrain from using profanity on this list. I dont know/care about the
provocation bit, but we have never had this before on this or the other LI
lists and we must ensure that it remains that way. This is abominable
behaviour and to think you are also propagating amateur radio in your .sig
which to my mind consists of the most polite people in the world. 

FREE speech is understood but not in the context of attacking individuals in
a personal way. In case you havent thought about it, there is a huge
difference between DEMOCRACY and DISCIPLINE !!! 

Tarique/Swati and others, please do NOT react to this. I guess this is best
ignored. I know and understand that these are personal affronts but be that
as it may, I would think this is still the best course of action. 

- ramas

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> Suresh Ramasubramanian [Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 07:56:42AM +0530] posts:
> > The hassle with $city.linux-india.org is that there are 
> plenty of reasons (not
> > all of them political) to have two or more LUGs in a city - 
> and I haven't seen
> > a subdomain that can point to two different IPs at the same time
> >
> Exactly.  The *Shitcore* chap tried/is still trying to 
> leverage the Kochi Group
> to split, so that a pliable Group comes up.  This is never 
> going to happen because 
> the Group here has different ideas.
> Swati, you need not start bitching now; saying that I am 
> embracing Suresh trying 
> to cozy up to him.  Join up if you have valid points or else 
> go give Tarique a 
> good fuck. ;-) 
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