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Re: [Announce] BAngalore Debian & GNU Enthusiasts (BADGE)

|This is the first time i purchased and looked at Debian.. I then proceeded
|to install it on my office machine.. To my utter surprise, i found it to be
|least user-friendly and time consuming .. To understand the way the setup
|going to go on, i took a little time ( having installed so confidently ,
|SuSe 7, RHL 7.0/6.x/5.x/...., Mandrake 7.0/ and Slackware.. many a times so
|easily without even bothering to take the backup of the MBR either)..
|And then i had to reboot a couple of times to get the installation exactly
|the way i want.. Somehow i feel that Debian Installation setup needs a
|facelift compared to how the others are doing... It is ok for guys like me
|because i know all the basics about partition tables, Multiboot OS's etc..,
|but i wonder how a newbie is going to cope up on the first time.. I somehow
|feel that Debian is to be more Newbie friendly.. How ever i do not know
|after that as to how easily configurable it is in other aspects.. But i
|my doubts..!!!
|what are others experiences regarding Debian..

IMHO debian is definitely not for newbie. Once you put in a year in linux
and hang on to LUG, then you should go for debian. And once you go to debian
you will never look back. Many lister on this list will agree to this.
The debian installation gives me immense pleasure as I am with in control of
what is being installed. Where as Red Hat will install 200 Mb of stuff even
if I deselect all the options.
This has another angle from the security point of view, with debian
installation you always know what is installed on your harddisk and apply
patches, where as with other distro your hard disk is loaded exploitable
binaries which you are not even aware off.