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Re: More twists to the GPL vs BSD soap

hi arun,
         For free software to succeed in the area
of lossy sound compression formats, we need a standard format that can be
read and handled by free software.

Free software can't be made to encode MP3 files in some countries due to
patents.  Ogg/Vorbis is patent unencumbered.  It's more important that the
standard file format be unencumbered than *all* implementations that read
that format be free software.

Of course, we'd like both, but we need to have a standard, unencumbered
file format first.


> Perhaps, you GPL fans should send some email to RMS to get a 
>clarification ?

>I sometimes wonder if RMS is a pragmatist, who uses consistent
>and dramatic dogmatism effectively to further his end goals :)

>        -Arun


>Jack quoting E-mail from Richard Stallman: 

Alex M Alex