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Re: Signatories to the Declaration of Software Freedom

Hi Raj!

Why are you GNU lovers so much keen to bite a critic's head off
regardless of whether he/she is all for restrictions or all for *more*

Why do *you* have to get so concerned when an author doesn't mind his
work getting plagiarised or getting closed sourced?

What if the author doesn't give a damn to who benefits from his/her
software - end users or companies who want to shorten their
development times?

Why do YOU have to be the moral policemen for these authors, taking
decisions of what they should do? That's the same as what these so
called "cultural policemen" of UP and other states doing!

Why do you attack M$ kind of business practices with as much hate as
the BSD/Apache folks way of doing things?

Why can't you just provide an option for software developers who would
like protection for their software, rather than bamboozeling or
trumpeting that GPL is the _only_ solution?

Why do you assume that IP (in software, music, medicine etc.) has no
value regardless of whether the author desires to get monetary benefit
off it, and still  expect innovation to survive? Why do you expect
that the concept of software "freedom"(GNU style) is applicable on all
domains? Or even expect that the concept of "money out of service, no money
out of product" should be acceptable to everybody in the software field?

Why don't you believe in plurality in options, and insist on GNU being
the only option, without respect for other options for people?

Dammit, why CAN't you folks just offer an option and SHUT UP and let
the rest of us decide whether we need it? 

Why can't you get in your head that the BSD/Apache licence folks are
on *your* side - they just want to give more freedom(the english word
"freedom", not the GNU one) to their users, including the freedom to
modify and distribute in any way they want, closed or otherwise(this
is the only part you disagree on). 

Why don't you agree that with Windoze being on 90%+ of the computers
around the world, and linux being used on a mere miniscule of them,
more people are benefiting from code derived from BSD code than
others? Don't bring the morality of closed/open source into this. The
BSD folks don't care a shit. Rather they are happy that their code has
been providing benefits(directly or indirectly) to as much people as
possible. Why do  *you* care more about the code than the authors do?
Moral policemen style again, eh?(This is not an argument about whether
these derivations are of the same standards as the original code)

My last question. Do I have to wear a helmet to the linux-delhi meet
on this Sunday?(Pankaj would already be waiting with a club for
me). ;)


Sandip Bhattacharya 
sandipb @ bigfoot.com