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Re: OReilly on Allchin vs RMS

Arun Sharma forced the electrons to say:
> I'm sure if it becomes a big enough issue to be tested in the courts,
> the US courts will certainly rule that using GPL for tax payer money
> is illegal.

I'm not sure I understand this point - if the taxpayer's money was used to
develop software, then isn't it morally wrong (if not legally) to allow
a few corporations to take the software developed using the taxpayer's
money and sell the same back to him/her at inflated prices? Without
letting the taxpayer see/understand what his/her money has been used
for? Am I typing clearly here?

I remember reading somewhere that some large open source projects (I
don't remember which, but I have a feeling that X is one) are funded by
the government of US (various departments), and thus cannot be closed
source - because of this "tax payer's money" angle.