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Re: RHL 7.0 kernel compiles. bit shakey

yes gcc is broken, i just heard from a friend. Red Hat was under pressure
from IBM to make a quick and (really) dirty distro.
7.1 shud be stable.

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Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2001 10:02 AM
Subject: [LIG] RHL 7.0 kernel compiles. bit shakey

> RHL 7.0 kernel 2.2.16 initialy would not compile. The problem seems to be
> with gcc. It appears that the root of the matter lies in smp.h not
> with gcc ( some bug in gcc ) . I'am running a single cpu intel desktop
> of comp. I turned off smp support in kernel config but the problem was
> there. I modified smp.h and removed the smp code needed if ur comp has smp
> enabled and kept the single cpu part ( smp_num_cpu = 1  its a foldback ).
> would still not compile so I removed the include gaurd and it finally
> compiled . I now have a pretty small kernel 300K . Trouble is that my hard
> disk undergoes a reset every now and then.
> some times I can continue working after it happens and sometimes I cannot.
> Is there something wrong with the new kernel coz this does not happen in
> windows. Rest of it is fine with X windows running smoothly.
> Vivek
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