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Re: Why i am in favor of a PHPNuke based site

Pankaj Kaushal wrote:
> I understand the points some of the ppl here made
> but I think the phpnuke thingy is best suited for our group
> because anyone can upload stuff like news and reviews on the site and
> there will be new stuff allways
> because PHP programming is very easy and ne one can learn it in a day
> so all the new guys can devlop stuff and maintain it and stuff.

Most of what Sunny Holani said in one of his recent emails echoed what I
had been thinking about this PHP-Nuked ILUG-D site but was reluctant to
bring it up since I was working on enhancing the original site
(http://wpaa.org/memberInfo/) and could have been very easily
misunderstood. Well, now that I know I am not alone, I do want to
emphasize the importance of organized (and controlled) flow of
information at ILUG-D site. 

ILUG-D site is primarily there to help and assist new and not-so-new
Linux enthusiasts. It needs to be able to guide a newbie towards the
right direction, in the simplest way possible. Here are a few questions
that I expect ILUG-D site to help me with right away:
- Where in Delhi can I find - Linux Distribution(s), Training, Books,
- Who (and how) can I approach if I need any help and/or consultation ?
- How can I be a part of ILUG-D ?

As you can see, most of this information is simple and does not change
too often. In light of this, I feel that the PHP-Nuked site is a bit
'intimidating' for newbies. Of course, once you get a hang of it, it
starts getting better but by then, you are already well on your way
exploring  cyberspace for your answers.

The most important activity of ILUG-D at this point is to organize
monthly meetings and have maximum participation possible. Simplicity
seems to be the key to that.

And one more thing, I still believe that mailing-list is the most
effective way of communication - be it a discussion, sharing a news
article or making an announcement.