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Re: original ILUG-Delhi website revisited

	The PHPNuked site, cool and neatly implemented as it is, may not
be exactly what Linux-Delhi needs - IMHO. I'll try to explain from
different perspectives.

I see there is a slew of messages coming on the site right now, but give
some time for the initial enthu to cool down, and people will realise
Netscape is a pain compared to the comfort of pine, when it comes to
posting messages etc. As far as writing and posting articles is concerned,
Linux-Delhi has'nt the most glorious history of that. So in time we'll
have "There's no most read story for today", and discussion boards showing
last message posted on some day a month back. Not too good a thing to have
on the front page. We dont exactly have a highly motivated, actively
involved, large population community here, the sort of audience for which
PHPNuke would be ideal.

For the new visitor, its intimidating. You come there looking for some
info, trying to find out what this Linux-Delhi hullabaloo is all about,
and what you get is yet more hullabaloo, that too posted by some member a
month back. Real information about what Linux-Delhi is, what it does, how
to join it etc.  is hard to find. I havent yet found a suitable, easily
accessible, permanent place to put all my articles about The blood
donation camp, /dev/null etc in.

And it's bloat. And bloat, by definition, is a bad thing. At the risk of
sounding as if my MBA is getting to me, stuff thats technically "cool"
isnt what we always need. I think the older site was simple, more
informative, and easily accessible. Nishi's new site... with the same sort
of stuff, and added functionality like a tightly integrated membership
section and web-based maintenance etc. looks like a better bet to me.
Although I still hope Nishi would change the colour scheme. Its so like a
Sarvodaya Vidyalaya uniform, i just noticed :)

I must finish by saying that its still a great effort from Sandip. Prompt,
neat, and the sort of thing only someone with a name like that could have
done ;-) I hear the next meeting's agenda is to give him shabashis... Who
will maro my proxy?


P.S. - It's a pain to access with Lynx.