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Re: vsnl refuses smtp relay and linux box at home suffers

On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Sandip Bhattacharya wrote:

> They sent a mail to all subscribers saying that people have
> been "unfairly" using VSNL SMTP servers to send mails, while using the
> email services of other firms like Yahoo, Hotmail etc. So they have
> asked such subscribers to send mails through the SMTP services of
> these webmail providers. Their claim is such "foreign" traffic is
> hurting the interests of their clients who loyally use the VSNL email
> addresses for sending mail.

but this is what i don't understand. i am a paying customer, i pay for
connect time. so if anything, vsnl should be happy i am not clogging their
email servers if i choose to use yahoo. vsnl should worry if i pay satyam
to connect, and then use vsnl for smtp relay. but this policy of forcing
headers to comply does not make sense at all.

> Apparently, VSNL has also submitted major chunks of it's dialup IPs to
> the DUL list. These lists ensures that direct-to-MX mail from dialups as
> mentioned by Rajat are as much prevented from sending mails as the RBL
> lists are. Thankfully, as Suresh pointed out, very few sites are using
> DUL lists for stopping SPAM.

thanks for this info. i will try the direct-to-mx route, but as you say
it is not perfect, and just relies on others' laziness about not using DUL
or RBL lists. incidentally, rajat, i use exim, not sendmail.

> The weird thing is that even if we use VSNL addresses for sending
> mails, we still have as much outgoing traffic as before, cause people
> will still have to send mails. So how much of this decision is for
> "actual suffering" of it's "genuine" subscribers, or how much it is
> for the money that they hope to make out of their v-mail services, is
> to be seen.
> - Sandip

so basically this is a ploy to get me to fish out Rs 600 more. (i am not
even sure it would end at 600 p.a.)


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