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Re: Linux-Delhi gets Nuked!

We did our job, now /you/ fill in the content!

The main reason for Nuke-ing Linux-Delhi was so that everyone feels
free to post content and is empowered to do it.  Now it's up to you.


-- Raju

>>>>> "Sanjeev" == Sanjeev Gupta <ghane@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Sanjeev> This is amazing.  Unless my mail is arriving
    Sanjeev> out-of-order, Raju asked just yesterday for volunteers?

    Sanjeev> To quote Thoreau, however: "We are in great haste to
    Sanjeev> construct a magnetic telegraph from Maine to Texas; but
    Sanjeev> Maine and Texas, it may be, have nothing important to
    Sanjeev> communicate."

    Sanjeev> Content, people, content!

    Sanjeev> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Raju Mathur"
    Sanjeev> <raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> To:
    Sanjeev> <linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Sent: Tuesday, August
    Sanjeev> 28, 2001 11:24 AM Subject: [linux-delhi] Linux-Delhi gets
    Sanjeev> Nuked!

    >> Hi,
    >> Sandip Bhattacharya has done a great job of Nuke-ing
    >> linux-delhi.org.  Please visit the new prototype site at:
    >> http://linux-delhi.org/PHPNuke/html/
    >> and give your comments.  Please feel free to create an account
    >> and add articles, stories, links, downloads, etc.
    >> Once the site is completely ready (all links checked, etc)
    >> we'll move it to the primary location.
    >> And please take the time to thank Sandip for a great effort.

Raju Mathur          raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxx           http://kandalaya.org/