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Re: Govt. of India - MIT website hacked ! - Copy of Press release to media and Info to Ministry.

+++ Sudhir Gandotra [linux-india] <27/08/01 10:16 +0530>:
> Hackers have struck once again, and this time, the web site that has

CRACKERS.  _Please_

> on servers running operating systems prone to hacker and virus attacks.

Someone should point that out ... but when govt contracts go to the lowest
bidder, and the government listens to stuff like hiring skr1p7 k1dd33z for
"counter hacking" to use their own idiotic terminology, what'd you do?

> Free Sklyarov http://www.dibona.com/dmca/

Isn't this link a bit redundant now?  That controversy's blown over almost.