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Govt. of India - MIT website hacked ! - Copy of Press release to media and Info to Ministry.

Hackers have struck once again, and this time, the web site that has
defaced is none other than the presiegious site of the Ministry of
Technology, led by Promod Mahajan.

A group calling itself "Pakistan Cyber Warriors" has hacked into the a
part of
the Ministry's site [the specific url is:
which is supposed to give surfers information about venture capital
funding for
IT projects].

A screenshot of the hacked page is also attached, which is self

Considering the fact that the IT ministry is today hyperactive in
Indian IT capabilities, it seems to be a shame that the very site of the
ministry has been hacked by anti-indian elements, and worse still, this
gone unnoticed by both the ministry as well as the organisation that
hosts the
ministry's site.

Another point that comes to mind is the fact that government sites are
on servers running operating systems prone to hacker and virus attacks.
Why run
our sites on servers with security holes as large as the craters on the
when we could take a policy decision on this count and go the open
source and
linux way, which assures us levels of security as yet unsurpassed?

We discovered this hack while surfing the Ministry's site looking for
capital funding opportunities.

We suggest that the media follows up on this and throws this open to

With best wishes of Peace, Force & Joy!
Sudhir Gandotra,Internet Consultants: http://openlx.com
Free Sklyarov http://www.dibona.com/dmca/
Transform lives:http://humanistmovement.org