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RE: FW: Partitioning problem!!

Hi Vipul

I did create (or rather tried to create) the swap partition as of Linux
Swap type. The error i received was "no primary". 

I beleive that the problem is because of the number of primary
partitions that you can create ( i am not sure if that is fixed) but
fdisk allows you a number between 1-4 for primary partitions. Now i have
a Win2K partition as "1", an extended partition as "2", and a logical
Win2K partition as "5". that leaves only two more partitons in
primary... 3 & 4. So does that means that i cant create different swap,
root and boot partitions? (very hard to beleive!). this is why probably
i receive the error "no primary".

Can you please suggest a solution to this.

Also i tried creating partions with fdisk. DO i need to create all three
- root, boot and swap as primary partitions? how do i specify the mount


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Hi Puneet

On Fri, Aug 24, 2001 at 05:03:36PM +0530, Puneet Parashar wrote:
> i have to install RH 7.0 on my machine- PIII with 256MB RAM and 10GB
> HDD. The HDD is partitioned into three - Two Win2K NTFS partitions and
> third FAT32 formatted (but vacant) partition. The third parttion is
> about 3.9GB. 
> I tried to install RH7 into the third partition after deleting it and
> creating the following:
> 1) 80MB /boot
> 2) 500MB /swap partition
> 3) remaining as /root
> but disk druid gives an error: can't create swap partition: no

I hope you are not trying to mount a Linux native partition as /swap.
This wont
work as swap. Make it a 'Linux swap' type partiton. The last one should
also be
/ and NOT /root !!

Also, if you are comfortable with it, consider using fdisk to create the
partitions during install. Disk druid will give problems having a /boot
the 1024th cylinder. Note that using fdisk, this should NOT pose a

> Also, i tried looking at the partition table with fdisk. fdisk shows
> 4 partitions as:
> Device    Boot    Start    End    Blocks    Id    System
> /tmp/hda1  *        1        383    3076416  7        HPFS/NTFS
> /tmp/hda2            384    766    3076447+   5     Extended
> /tmp/hda3            767    1215    3606592+  c    Win 95 FAT 32 (LBA)
> /tmp/hda5            384     766    3076416    7        HPFS/NTFS
> Why does fdisk shows 4 partitions when there are 3 and how come both
> hda2 and hda5 are at the same cylinder (is it telling me that the
> logical drive hda5 is mounted on physical extended partition hda2 but
> the blocks are different!)

That is all very normal. The logical drive HAS to be inside an extended
partition and some blocks are taken up. So dont worry about the
different block

> Please help. How can i create the swap partition on my machine?

The following should work:

o  Choose to use fdisk to create the partitons during install.
o  Delete the hda5 FAT32 partition if it is not deleted already.
o  At this point, a 'v' ie verify command to fdisk should show some
amount of
      unallocated sectors.
o  Create a 50 MB 'Linux Native' partiton. This is for /boot
o  Create a 256Mb or whatever size 'Linux Swap' partition for the swap
o  Create another 'Linux Native' partiton of the remaining size. This
will be
      mounted as /



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