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Re: [LIH] Real Player in Netscape

realplayer plugin for netscape is not compatible with NS6.x/mozilla it is 
only for netscape4.x as it needs motif.altough konqueror netscape plugin 
support can use this plugin.


On Wednesday 22 August 2001 11:26, Lokesh Bhog wrote:
> Hi all,
> One of my friend also has the same problem. He is not
> able to use real player with netscape.
> Here is his problem:
> I need to configure a Linux and Solaris machine as a
> client to browse a site that uses RA files inside
> embed tags in HTML pages to enable a user to hear
> audio. Real offers a plugin for both the required
> platforms to be used for Netscape 6 also. I have
> performed all the steps mentioned regading manual
> configuration of Mime types. This works in Netscape
> 4.7 but not on Netscape 6.