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Various Problems

Hello people
Your question guy is back with more questions. Here is
some food for thought :-

Sys Conf:-
Redhat 7.0
Apache Version 1.3.12-25
PHP Version 4.0.4pl1-10.arvin

1. I am able to connect to net and download news.
However I am not able to browse the Net. I've tried
Netscape,Mozilla and lynx and I think the problem is
with some configuration.

2. A friend of mine is using Intel 810 board. He has
an additional sound card installed. In Windows he
disables the inbulit sound card from device manager.
How does he do so in Linux? Linux recognizes both his
inbulit sound card and the new one. However try as he
might he cannot get Linux to use the new one.He is
toying with the idea of downloading and installing
ALSA drivers.

3. Please tell me, as simply as possible, how do I
configure Apache and PHP(version 4).

4. Any idea about how I jump into an Open Source
Project and kill the enormous amount of time I usually
have at my disposal?

That'll be all.

PS--Linux Device Drivers is up for grabs at
www.theasayer.org.Please also download the
cryptography book as I find it extremely good albeit a
bit dry and would like a partner to study it with.

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