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Re: Real Player in Netscape

thanx for the reply folks, but my problem is deeper now, i can connect to
the internet, download the pluging, install it,
and even then it doesn't work.
i tried registering them manually, downloaded latest version of netscape
(netscape 6.1)...
latest version of real player (rp8) for linux, but it doesn't seem to wrok..
how can i view real player files in netscape 6.1, any pointers ...
Raj ??

: Hi all,
:         I have Netscape 6 on my machine not connected to the net. When i
: to view real player files in it, it asks me to download them, which i
: cannot. I downloaded teh pluging on some other machine, ftped it to this
: machine, and installed it. So now the plugin is there, netscape is there,
: but its not registered to handle real player files. I tried registering it
: using Helper applications option, but it says plugin already registered,
: body got any ideas , how do i view real player files in netscape 6
: thanx
: -js