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Re: Samba problem

Dear Sandip,

Thanks for getting back. In fact I expected you to !!
Please read on.

> On Sat, Aug 18, 2001 at 10:57:49AM +0518, M.K.Pai merrily said:
> > I read in docs that one can tweak the Windows registry to fix this
> > problem. I do not wish to do this. As far as possible, I want my
> > clients to be "dummy-mode".
> The registry tweaks are ditributed with the Samba distrib in the doc
> directory  somewhere called WinNT-XXX.reg, Win2000xxxx.reg and
> Win98xxxx.reg. These registry entries are for removing encryption
> between the boxes. If you don't have a problem with folks
> eavesdropping in your LAN, you can turn off encryption in the smb.conf
> file and run these registry entries to disable encryption in the
> Windoze boxes.

Thats exactly the point. I have read the docs. I saw the stuff
about turning encryption off. I would like to do it *only*
if nothing else works. The reason is that I do not want my
successor to have to remember that he has to tweak registry
whenever he adds an NT box or an Advanced Server box to the
network. Security is not the issue. Convinience is.

Do I have a choice ?

-- Pai