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Intel 810 Xwindows problem + rockwell internal modem

Hi friends , This is the mail from one of my friend .. , I am posting it on
behalf of him.
i have configured sound card on linux. but still i m
facing problem in display.

i m having motherboard intel 810 with inbuilt display
card and sound card. i have loaded linux in my pc
version Rethat 7.1. but my display is  coming  640X
480 with 16 color only. so please suggest me any
suitable driver for my motherboeard
intel 810. my monitor is LG StudioWorks 520 Si.
During configuration  thorugh xf86config command.
which video card shall i choose?
how much video memory shall i choose from options
during this command?

Tell me also the procedure to configure my modem on
i have Rockwell chipset internal modem but during auto
detection its not finding any modem so pls tell me
exact way to configure?
Pl tell the needful urls so that i can config all the things mentioned above.

Sanjeev Thakur