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Re: Victim of VSNL's new policy

Dear Yash,

In your /etc/mail/access file put this two lines:

From:mydomain.com		RELAY
mydomain.com			RELAY

and then run 'makemap hash /etc/mail/access < /etc/mail/access'

If you are using the above file then there is no need to put any thing in
the /etc/mail/relay-domains file

This will solve your relaying problems over Sendmail for your own domain.  
Now any user with his email id configured as username@xxxxxxxxxxxx in his
mail client will be able to relay through your server.

Now to receive mails addressed to your domain, the MX record for your own
domain in the DNS server should point to your online sendmail server (I
hope you have a valid Internet IP address) and then:

In your /etc/mail/sendmail.cw file put:


Restart Sendmail and that will solve your mail receiving problems.


George Joseph


On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, Yashpal Nagar wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am running sendmail 8.9.3 on linux box . Now as per VSNL's new
> policy they don't allow  to relay any mails even if you are using dialup from
> them (Correct me if i am wrong) .Only allowed to who have someacoount@xxxxxxxx
> like... of email address.
> So now i want my online server to receive my domains mail as well as to act as
> an SMTP for these domains.
> I tried by putting 
> mydomain.com in /etc/mail/relay-domains & putting
> mydomain.com RELAY in /etc/mail/access and run the 
> makemap hash /etc/mail/access < /etc/mail/access
> command all ....., but the it says relaying denied...,
> Can someone tell me how to configure sendmail to act as an smtp to certain
> domains only.
> Regards
> Yash
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