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Re: [LIH] Victim of VSNL's new policy

+++ Yashpal Nagar [linux-india] [09/08/01 19:38 +0530]:
> I am running sendmail 8.9.3 on linux box . Now as per VSNL's new
> policy they don't allow  to relay any mails even if you are using dialup from
> them (Correct me if i am wrong) .Only allowed to who have someacoount@xxxxxxxx
> like... of email address.


> So now i want my online server to receive my domains mail as well as to act as
> an SMTP for these domains.
> I tried by putting 
> mydomain.com in /etc/mail/relay-domains & putting
> mydomain.com RELAY in /etc/mail/access and run the 
> makemap hash /etc/mail/access < /etc/mail/access
> command all ....., but the it says relaying denied...,
> Can someone tell me how to configure sendmail to act as an smtp to certain
> domains only.
Your online server is on a public IP and you are on a vsnl dialup?  If so, take
a look at SMTP AUTH / POP before SMTP.

http://poprelay.sourceforge.net (or poprelayd.sourceforge.net - forgot)


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