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Re: How to install qmail-1.03+patches-18.src.rpm ?

Uhoh sorry I was under the illusion you were using Amavis. Anyway I
checked the URL you gave and it seems to have a patched RPM too.
Basically I am not sure why they had to patch qmail-queue Amavis simply
renamed the binary to something else and placed a copy of itself as
qmail-queue therefore virtually everyone was using amavis and it in turn
knew what to do to actually process the queue.

As for using the antivirus the website says the following
Run ./configure ... [with your options], it will autodetect what
software is installed on your system, and will generate a script
specific to your system. If you don't see any errors reported, then the
build is (probably) successful

I am assuming the configure script will autodetect what antivirus you
have already installed.


> u r right, i installed qmail by rpm..., now again through .tar.gz src installing...,
> But How to get the data from qmail-1.03+patches-18.src.rpm to patch the src of qmail-1.03.
> & i check out some pages but did't found howto use the McAfee's DAT files. ?