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Re: Re: How to install qmail-1.03+patches-18.src.rpm ?

Dear Mithun,
http://qmail-scanner.sourceforge.net says to patch 1.03 qmail. Even it's ./configure very first checks for it.
u r right, i installed qmail by rpm..., now again through .tar.gz src installing...,
But How to get the data from qmail-1.03+patches-18.src.rpm to patch the src of qmail-1.03.
& i check out some pages but did't found howto use the McAfee's DAT files. ?


PS: I am unable to fetch my lists's mail
 due to thin BW. so sending from sandeep's account.
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Mithun Bhattacharya <mithun.b@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
From:Mithun Bhattacharya <mithun.b@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:Mon, 06 Aug 2001 14:22:10 +0530
Subject:Re: [linux-delhi] How to install qmail-1.03+patches-18.src.rpm ?

Uhh who, what, where does it say to patch qmail ??? did you install
qmail from a rpm ?? If so install from a tar ball. Make sure you read
the file INSTALL carefully and "completely" and make sure you read all
the files it tells you to read. Just because it told you to read 5 files
dont give up hope.

I was able to successfully install Amavis with McAfee in a unpatched
version of qmail which was compiled in 1999.


> I am installing qmail scanner with mcafee as an antivirus. But it says first
> patch the qmail-1.03 , so i downloaded qmail-1.03+patches-18.src.rpm
> and tried..
> to rebuild qmail-1.03+patches-18.src.rpm
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