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Re: Viruses - The more sophisticated they come ...

+++ Sandip Bhattacharya [linux-india] <04/08/01 00:22 +0530>:
> Yeah, I /know/ this is a LINUX list. But I am sure the techie in you would
> have an interest  in the increasingly sophisticated nature  of viruses
> coming in the large nowadays ... This virus has 128 bit encryption and
> upgradeable components! Who knows when somebody wakes up and starts trying
> out similar stuff in Linux ... and don't give me that it is not possible
> .... ;)

Well, it is possible.  And might even work, considering the number of 31337
d00dz who check their mail using netscape (javascript enabled for mail and
news) or other clients - as root.  And doubleclick on whatever they get their
hands on.

I suppose, if they got a r00tkit attached as a "cute screensaver" ...