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Re: [Strictly OT] Viruses - The more sophisticated they come ...


If the come out with for linux ....
the guys shall have a anitdote in no time ..
Remember The Ping of Death FIX
which came out in few hours(well thats what I heard anyway)

And its good as many windows system it hits .Damn good
I would strongly recommend 2048 Bit encryption
Why not use the DMCA act for their use


Yeah, I /know/ this is a LINUX list. But I am sure the techie in you would
have an interest  in the increasingly sophisticated nature  of viruses
coming in the large nowadays ... This virus has 128 bit encryption and
upgradeable components! Who knows when somebody wakes up and starts trying
out similar stuff in Linux ... and don't give me that it is not possible
.... ;)

- Sandip

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